Luis Villalobos

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I'm glad I got to meet you, Tio Luis. It was a pleasure visiting you in Austin and meeting your daughter as well as your grandchildren. Thanks for sharing memories of our Villalobos' family with me. R.I.P.


Posted by: Melinda Villalobos - San Antonio, TX - Family   Apr 28, 2016

I am so glad to see that my dad touches so many lives, even after his passing. It is a great thing to know that his kindness and good works are still working through the people whose lives he touched. To all those that keep him alive by passing along his words of wisdom and his selflessness: Thank you!

I love you, Daddy.

Posted by: Valerie Villalobos - Austin, TX - Daughter   Apr 28, 2016

Today's my 25th birthday and the 3rd I've gone without hearing my amazing Uncle Luis call and tell me happy birthday, tomorrow marks the 3rd year that I also am not able to make the call to him...I miss him so much but especially more on these two days..This great man taught me a lot about family and struggles in life and more importantly how to over come them.His strong embrace every time I saw him can still be felt

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Posted by: Jesse Villalobos - Taft, TX - Nephew   Nov 19, 2012

Thank everyone who has viewed this or posted wonderful things about my father. I miss him everyday. It is nice to know how many people he touched everyday. Those of you I have never met, I hope to one day have the pleasure. His greatness will live on forever.

Posted by: Luis Villalobos - Austin, TX - Son   Nov 16, 2012

I recently received the Luis villalobos scholarship I was so happy now I will be able to go to college if it were not for this man I would never have been able to go thank you Luis.

Posted by: Ryan Blanco - Taft, TX - scholarship recipient   May 25, 2012


It has been many years since I last saw Luis. I was his ninth grade coach at Taft Junior High and have nothing but wonderful things to say about Luis. He was a truly hard worker both in the classroom (I taught math) and on the athletic fields. He willingly did everything asked of him, always with a good attitude and tremendous desire to get better. The Taft Pups were a better team because of Luis. He was always

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Posted by: Gilbert Moehke - Round Rock, TX - 9 Grade Coach   May 01, 2010

What a friend and mentor. My life has been greatly enriched in being blessed to know so such a awesome man. Thanks for all the encouragement and wisdom.
"Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff"!!!!
See you in Glory

Posted by: Henry Taylor - Round Rock, TX - Friend/Co-Worker   Apr 29, 2010

The times we shared both at work and off work will alway's be great memories. The good lord picked a great man to help him build his kingdom so we could join you later. RIP we miss you El Viejo

Posted by: Hector Arredondo - Buda, TX - Amigo   Apr 28, 2010

I am writing on behalf of all of us at Shivers Center who got to know Luis during chemo visits. He was always a sweetheart to all of the staff. Additionally, he encouraged other patients in their cancer journeys with his great big smile and his words of wisdom. I remember the last time I enjoyed the privilege of sitting with Luis. He was sitting in the hallway at Austin Cancer Center. He shared beautiful stories about love for his

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Posted by: Stephanie Warfield - Chaplain, Seton Cancer Care Team   Apr 27, 2010

Miss you.

Posted by: Sissy    Apr 27, 2010